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Mumps Complications
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Mumps Complications

Complications of mumps are potentially serious, but rare. These include:
·        Orchitis. This inflammatory condition causes swelling of one or both testicles. Orchitis is painful, but it
rarely leads to sterility — the inability to conceive a child.
·        Pancreatitis. This disease causes swelling of the pancreas. Signs and symptoms of pancreatitis include
pain in the upper abdomen, nausea and vomiting.
·        Encephalitis. Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain caused by a viral infection, such as mumps.
Encephalitis can lead to neurologic problems and become life-threatening. Although it's serious, encephalitis
is a rare complication of mumps.
·        Meningitis. Meningitis is infection and inflammation of the membranes and fluid surrounding your brain
and spinal cord. It can occur if the mumps virus spreads through your bloodstream to infect your central
nervous system. Like encephalitis, meningitis is a rare complication of mumps.
·        Inflammation of the ovaries. Pain in the lower abdomen in women may be a symptom of this problem.
Fertility doesn't seem to be affected.
·        Hearing loss. In rare cases, mumps can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss in one or both ears.
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