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Mumps Treatment
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Mumps Treatment

The mumps virus cannot be treated with antibiotics. Once a person is infected, he or she should be isolated
so that the disease cannot spread further.
Apart from staying in bed while the swelling and temperature is at its highest, mumps demands no special
Mumps are a part of growing up for many children. If they will have the disease later in life, the risk of the
nasty complications listed above is far greater.
Children can return to daycare or school when they are feeling well and the swelling of the glands has
Like most viral illnesses, mumps infection must simply run its course. Luckily, most children and adults
recover from an uncomplicated case of mumps within two weeks' time.
A light diet with generous fluid intake is recommended. Avoiding acid-containing foods (eg, tomato, vinegar-
containing food additives) and liquids (eg, orange juice) are beneficial to reduce pain.
Bed rest is recommended for a faster recovery and is needed for patients with complicated cases.
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