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Mumps Vaccine
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Mumps Vaccine

Today, most children are vaccinated against mumps with the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination.
Before the vaccine, up to 200,000 cases of mumps occurred each year in the United States.
Mumps vaccine is given on or after a child's first birthday, and is usually administered in combination with
measles and rubella vaccine. The vaccine is highly effective and one injection usually produces lifelong
Adults born in 1957 or later who do not have a medical contraindication should receive at least one dose of
MMR vaccine, unless they have documentation of vaccination with at least one dose of measles-, rubella-,
and mumps-containing vaccine or other acceptable evidence of immunity to these three diseases.
College and university students, healthcare personnel non-pregnant women of childbearing age, child care
workers such as teachers and day care personnel, and international travelers are at increased risk for
measles, and these persons should receive two doses of MMR vaccine to ensure adequate protection
However, the MMR vaccine cannot be given to pregnant woman, people with certain types of cancer,
people that are receiving radiation- and chemotherapy for cancer, people with depressed immune systems,
or to those taking drugs that affect the immune system.
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